Captain James Greener

Name James Braak Greener

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Homeworld Mars
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan (conversational)
Quote "Oh for Cradol's sake!"

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green


Spouse None
Father Ambassador Caymen Greener
Mother Gwen of Xatria
Other Family Medium build, somewhat athletic, although a tad "snug" around the belly and waist as he gets older. He usually has a smile or grin on his face.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jim is a fairly moderate personality, although he can joke a bit too much at times. His sarcasm has gotten him dinged a bit coming up through the ranks. He prefers to keep things more jovial than serious, although he will get angry or upset or somber as the situation warrants.

OOC: Jim was named for two great captains - James T. Kirk (duh) and Braak (old best friend of his father's).
Strengths & Weaknesses +Decisiveness
+Communication (speeches, oral, written, etc)
+Tai Chi
+Comms & Cyber Intel

~Decent agility
~Starship helm

-Phaser combat
-Shuttle/fighter Piloting
-Strategic games like Chess
Ambitions NOT to fall into diplomacy like his dad, but to be as good a captain as his dad was.
Hobbies & Interests Jim enjoys blackjack card games, peaceful holodeck (or preferrably real) scenes for tai chi and meditation, and a good cup of tea.


Personal History Born of the famous Caymen Greener of Starfleet, Jim was raised on Mars by a foster family. Yes, the loving Caymen Greener could not even part with his career long enough to tend to his only child. His mother Gwen had already long past by the time Jim was connected to some distant relatives on Xatria.

It wasn't too long before Jim showed signs of command and leadership. Before they could lose him to bad behavior and thugs in the bigger towns, he was forced into military academy and later Starfleet. He focused on leadership and communications, especially the technical side of and cybersecurity hooks into comms.
Service Record 2372-2376 - Xatria Military Academy

2376-2380 - Starfleet Academy, Communications & Intelligence (commissioned as Ensign in 2380)

2380-2385 - USS Ticonderoga, Communications (promoted through full Lieutenant by 2384)

2385-2390 - Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Chief of Communications & Surveillance (promoted to Lt Cmdr in 2388)

2390-2392 - Starfleet Headquarters, Chief of Communications (promoted to Commander in 2391)

2392-2394 - USS Farragut, Commanding Officer (promoted to Captain Brevet in 2394)

2394-Present - USS Periculum, Commanding Officer (full Captain upon appointment)

OOC Information

Real/Nick Name Chris
Discord Nick Chris#6382
RP/Sim Experience A bunch since 2001, like UCIP, AQSG, OF, BF, PF, IDF, UFoP SB118, SB300, my own fleet, 22nd, and more.
Other Sims Star Wars Rogue Moon is the only other one right now.