The main point of simming is to have fun and write some cool stories. So if you can do that and still follow some basic rules, we all will have succeeded. But here are some guidelines for you.

* Get along - everyone should be able to get along, and if not, just contact a GM and get it figured out. We're writing together, not competing for anything.

* Don't Mary Sue - make your character(s) vulnerable and give them room for growth. If you start out too powerful, you might quickly become too bored.

* Be Polite - this site is basically PG-13 rated, much like most canon Star Trek materials. Write and play as if this was going to be a TV show or movie on the big screen.

* Post Often - while you may be embedded in a joint post (mission thread) for a long while, sometimes spanning multiple months, you can still post other items. Post a character building backpost, or do an individual post about how your character is reacting to the current goings-on. There is plenty to write about. You are required to have at least TWO posts published a month, be it a joint post that gets posted or an individual thread described above.

* Ask - if there are any other questions or doubts or uncertainties, ask a GM. It's really that easy!